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How do we do it?

We collect discarded plant pots from local gardeners and nurseries. We clean, shred and mold them into useful, long-living products.

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Plastic reincarnate

Truth to material

Handmade products

Our products are all handmade by Mon Terra. The manufacturing process is apparent, making each product unique.

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Local, fair, circular economy

ecological mission

We are keen on making useful, long-lasting, well-designed products in order to reduce overconsumption. Owning a Mon Terra product means reducing the plastic waste footprint, little by little.

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Our process

The entire plastic reincarnation process is carried out by us in Jaffa. We start with soil-covered-plastic, and end up with high-end Mon Terra products in your living room.

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This is how it all began

Our story

That which started as a small urban agriculture project turned into a recycling monster.

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