Mon Terra was founded by Tamara Efrat, an experienced designer and entrepreneur, and Yuval Dishon, a process engineer and maker.

Initially, we were designing an ecological product for urban agriculturists. While researching raw materials and manufacturing facilities, we were disheartened to discover the scarcity of environmentally-friendly options, let alone affordable ones. Moreover, we were alarmed by the magnitude of plastic waste produced by the agricultural industry. 

After a quick research of small scale plastic recycling practices, it became clear as a summer day in Jaffa that we should devote our attention here - we would help turn the agricultural industry into a circular economy. We began collecting discarded plant pots from gardeners and nurseries, who were happy to collaborate, and started researching and experimenting with small-scale plastic recycling. Quite a bit of research, experimentation, trials and errors were involved in perfecting the Plastic Reincarnation process.