Plastic Reincarnation Process

The process starts by collecting our precious raw material - discarded plant pots.

We collect the pots from many gardeners and nurseries from all over the center of the country. We currently work only with polypropylene pots.

Since reuse is superior to recycling, we give away plant pots to whomever is interested in reusing them, and the rest are reincarnated into our different products.

Next, we clean the plant pots, then shred them using an industrial shredding machine.

The shredder turns the pots into tiny plastic flakes. We take great care in shredding and stocking the different types of flakes, based on color, quality and more.

The plastic is carefully weighed and placed in different molds, to be molten using various techniques.

Polypropylene’s melting temperature is rather low (130-170 degrees celsius), rendering this process relatively low-energy consuming.

Finally, each product requires a set of post-processing steps, like drilling, wiring, sanding and more.

During post processing, some plastic mass is reduced from the raw product. This plastic is collected and reused in other products, so no piece of plastic ever goes to waste.

The reincarnated products are then packed in environmentally-friendly packaging and shipped to our customers.

This highly manual process produces highly unique products, and the manufacturing process is thus uniquely apparent.