Our Mission

We think plastic is a wonderful material, it just isn’t being used right!

Plastic is easily molded into any shape. It’s lightweight, so it’s convenient and saves loads of energy on transportation. It’s durable, colorful, versatile… it’s everything!

Naturally, we prefer modern compostable options, but there’s so much plastic out there that we can reuse and recycle, and that’s exactly what we do at Mon Terra.

One million tons of plastic waste are produced each year in Israel alone, only a quarter of which is currently being recycled. It is estimated that 26,000 tons of plastic waste are produced annually by the Israeli agricultural industry, an industry crucial to our health and our environment.

Our mission is to be part of the change we want to see in the modern consumption culture - we want to reduce plastic waste and overconsumption, as well as promote local manufacturing and fair employment conditions.

At Mon Terra, we set out to incorporate the agricultural industry into the circular economy. We collect discarded plant pots from local gardeners and nurseries and use them to design and make sustainable, useful, high-quality products.

Sustainable - 100% of the plastic in our products is recycled locally, by us.

Useful - we won’t recycle plastic into products that will soon enough become waste again!

High-quality - our products are durable and long lasting.

Owning a Mon Terra product means reducing the plastic waste footprint, little by little.